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Lake Livingston Bulkheads



We install wood and galvanized steel bulkheads on Lake Livingston. All lumber used in construction is .60 pressure treated specifically for water contact, and all pylons are driven to a minimum of five feet.  Each sheet on our wood bulkheads is compressed to maintain the best possible connection. Our steel bulkheads use 8 gauge galvanized sheet piles with a minimum of 40% of the total wall length in the mud or 5 feet, whichever is more.  Concrete and sheet pile tie backs are also available.

Lake Livingston Texas Wood Bulkhead Specifications

  • Bulkhead Pilings - 6"x6"  .60 treated
  • All treated lumber
  • 3"x8" treated timbers for bulkhead wall support
  • 12 to 20 foot solid tie back rods for Lake Livingston Bulkheads
  • Treated tie backs to hold walls 6 to 10 feet deep in ground
  • Optional concrete tie backs for bulkheads
  • All galvanized hardware
  • Bulkheads in wood, galvanized steel, and concrete
  • Wooden bulkhead sheets are compressed while being driven to eliminate any gapping
  • Filter cloth is installed on the back of the bulkhead to prevent future washouts

Lake Livingston Texas Steel Bulkhead Specifications

  • Bulkhead steel sheet pile minimum 50% of total length in mud
  • Drainage system behind wall to relieve stress
  • Optional concrete bulkhead tie backs
  • Staggered tie backs to avoid fault line




Boathouse pilings being set ____________________

Boathouse with 8 x 8 Pilings

Boathouse with rollup door and hard countertop; Fish cleaning station with custom countertops

Completed boathouse


Steel bulkhead steel sheets 8 foot in ground


Lake Livingston Boathouses, Lifts, & Piers


Ivy Construction designs and builds custom permanent pile boathouses, docks, pilie driving services and piers on Lake Livingston. As a builder we offer many designs and a variety of options regarding roof angles, pole wraps, rooftop decks, wrap around platforms, walkways, shingles, water lines, electrical outlets, enclosed ceilings, and painted Hardiplank columns. We are also one of the few contractors on Lake Livingston who will also build boathouses out of 8x8 treated pilings. We typically drive our pilings deeper than any other contractor on the lake. We believe currently we are building best looking and most durable boat houses on Lake Livingston. Being a waterfront resident since 1985 we understand the importance of building something to last.

Boathouses are a valuable asset in preserving the life of your watercraft. Ivy Construction installs lifts for all types of watercraft including power boats, fishing boats, sailboats, and jet skis. We offer several types of boatlifts including box lifts, cradle lifts, and elevator lifts.  All llifts feature a cable retention system to keep your cables locked and perfectly wrapped. Other dock ammenities we offer include hand railing, sliding step ladders, gangways, and aluminum fish cleaning tables.

On all boathouses we build use all galvanized fasteners and hardware, and every connection is double bolted to reduce any flexing. All wood is pressure treated and decking is secured with hand driven, 20 penny ring shank nails. We recommend using CWF-5 Flood to maintain your deck from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Lake Livingston Texas Boathouse Services

Boat house design and construction

Boat house customization

Boat house lift sales, service, repair and installation

Boat house maintenance services



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